Boost your fundraising with these top tips and tools

Do you know the number one reason people donate to charities? Because they were asked! It’s that simple. So it goes without saying that the more people you ask to sponsor you, the more you can raise!

Why fundraise online?

  • It’s easy. Your mates, work colleagues and family can sponsor you anytime, anywhere.
  • No paperwork or chasing your sponsors after the event.
  • Access to tools that let you easily promote your fundraising page on Facebook, Twitter and other websites.
  • It’s secure. All donations are collected and paid automatically to Cancer Council NSW.

Top tips for fundraising online

  • Personalise your fundraising page – make it unique! Add photos and videos, tell people why you’re taking part and keep them updated on your progress.
  • Make sure your first donation is yours and a big one – people will follow suit! You will always feel better about asking someone to do something you’ve already done.
  • Next, ask close friends and family to sponsor you – they’re often most likely to be generous and then others will follow their lead.
  • Check out our email template for writing to your family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Copy and paste and send out the email and away you go to fundraising success.
  • Get the message out to your network and post a page link and regular updates about your fundraising and training on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media you’re using. Integrate MapMyFitness or Strava to your social media posts to give your contacts an update on your training efforts!
  • Talk your co-workers into sponsoring you … and even signing up to do the Dash.
  • Negotiate a donation from your boss.
  • Inspire people to sponsor you by telling them what a difference their support makes.
  • Ask your local cafe, hair stylist, gym or any other local business you visit regularly to make a donation. Remember they will get a tax-deductible receipt for any donation over $2.
  • Find out if your workplace operates a scheme to match what you raise (see below).
  • Mention your plans to people from church, day care, school, etc and ask them to donate!
  • It isn’t too late to ask people to sponsor you after City Mile Dash. Share your experience with them and remind them of your reasons for taking part.

Great ways to promote your efforts

  • Send one email with a link to your fundraising page to those in your address book. You may be surprised by the amount of support you receive in such a short space of time.
  • Place a message on your company intranet, or your sporting or community newsletter.
  • Ask if you can send out a paragraph in any communication or newsletter your organisation sends to employees.
  • Download this poster and put it up at your workplace, gym, local club or anywhere else you can get permission.
  • Consider adding your fundraising page into your email signature at work (just ask first that it’s OK!) and/or to your personal email.

Never fundraised before and want more help? Check out the FAQs or contact us here.

Ask your work to dollar match

Asking your employer or workplace for matched funding or a company donation is a great way to practically double your contribution instantly!

Many companies and organisations are more than willing to support their employees fundraising for a good cause by matching their fundraising efforts dollar-for-dollar. Your organisation may have a Foundation that supports employees with charitable donations. The least you can do is ask!

Download this template, fill it out and give it straight to your employer – it’s that simple to get the ball rolling!